Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

Girl’s Night Out is one of my favorite date nights and I’ve got a HOT one this Friday! That being said, Friday is going to be one of the busiest day’s I’ve had in a while! My planner tells me I am booked with work, errands and meetings from 730 a.m. until literally 25 minutes before my evening appointment with a dirty martini and 3 of my best girlfriends. That means, because of LA traffic, I most likely won’t make it home in time to change and freshen up. What’s a girl to do?!

It’s situations like these that I always turn to the pro’s for advice on managing the chaos, and Alexis Von Bergen, from Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Bridal Studio, is the perfect girl for the job! Check out her amazing tutorial on turning your day makeup into a night look that will have your friends thinking you had the day off!
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The Dating Game ~ Interview with Nick Savoy, author of ‘It’s Your Move’

You know the super awkward moment when a guy sneaks up behind you on the dance floor and starts breathing down your neck, just a little (I mean..a lot) too close? Or how about when your walking down the street and a car drives by hollering and whistling at you?! “Why don’t you just pull over and ask me to marry you while your at it? I’ll probably say yes!” (said no one. ever.)

It’s moments like these that I thank God there’s someone out there teaching men the right way to approach a woman he is interested in. Ladies, meet Nick Savoy, professional Dating Coach and author of the brand new book for women,  It’s Your Move. Nick is the president of Love Systems and has worked with men on dating techniques and mindsets that have given them the little confidence boost and guidance they need to pursue the women of their dreams.

What does all of this have to do with you? Well, after 10 years of working with men and teaching them about how women tick, he has realized the abundance of knowledge he has about the way men think. He has been the listening ear to thousands of men expressing their desires, insecurities and passions; he has seen how they react in social situations with women-what grabs their attention and what they often overlook. It’s Your Move is an honest, straightforward how-to book that dives into the dating world and gives tips, techniques and recommendations for women from a man’s perspective .It’s safe to assume that he is a very wanted man when it comes to spilling the beans; and boy does he spill them in his amazing new book!!

Nick is busy in New York with book signings and promotions, but he was sweet enough to chat with me about how his new book, It’s Your Move, will teach you how to play the game and win the man you want!


CG: First off, what a journey you have been on for the past 10 years working with 1000′s of men all looking for love! Can you get all the beautiful women reading this caught up on what it is that your company, Love Systems, actually does and how, in the end, it’s beneficial to us?

NS: Sure thing. Love Systems gives dating and relationship advice – through books, DVDs, and conferences. We’re probably best known for our “live training” where we will take clients to malls, bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc. Instructors show the guys who to approach and attract women and then clients do it, with instructors telling them what they did right and wrong each time.

A lot of guys have a lot going for them, but they don’t know how to express themselves to women in a way that is interesting and attractive. We help men do that – so there are actually more cool guys out there for you to date and fewer awkward guys who you’re not as attracted to.

We’ve also worked with female clients since the beginning of Love Systems. A lot of women appreciate our no-nonsense, specific, practical approach. Most dating advice for women is overly simple and is designed to make the reader feel good, not help her reach her goals. There are a lot of women who want – and deserve – better.

CG: Today’s dating scene…what the heck? With busy schedules and 99% of the population poking their phones, I’m surprised people notice each other anymore! What do you make of it and what mindset should women take on when heading out into today’s dating scene?

NS: That’s one of the reasons I wrote the book. To get the social life you want, you have to make it happen. The world is too busy to notice you – let alone put the right men in front of you and have them pursue you – if you’re not taking charge of your dating life. It’s Your Move is full of specific, practical, proven things that women can do to meet and attract more men and better- quality men.

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Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Organic, Fair Trade Chocolates!

This week is all about love (I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now at the thought of Valentine’s Day, but hey…keep it to yourself and let the rest of us bask in the glow of pixie dust, flowers, doilies and of course, Chocolate!)

So to kick off the week I would like to introduce a very Fab Female! My sweet, sweet friend Ciara Caneega, who is such an inspiration! In addition to being drop dead gorgeous, she has the most caring heart and is an advocate for ALL things good in this world. Organic Farming & Fair Trade Practices is something that is near and dear to her heart so I thought I would help her spread the word about The Dark Side of Chocolate and how we can help this Valentine’s Day! She has compiled a delicious list of 11 Organic, Fair Trade Chocolates that you can spoil your loved one with this Valentine’s day! Take it away Ciara~


Valentine’s day is fast approaching. While many are on the hunt to find something deliciously sweet for a loved one, countless human beings, including small children, are being subjected to physical and mental abuse, slave labor, and dangerous work environments, sometimes with little to no pay. There is a bitter truth about chocolate that needs to be exposed. For more information, watch this eye opening documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate. Alongside slave labor in the cacao industry, our planet is also suffering from the mass production and consumption of chocolate.

Do your best to get eco friendly goods and at the very least, recycle. Vote with your dollar this Valentine’s Day and support Organic farming and Fair Trade practices! Here are a few divine choices that you can feel good about giving…and eating :)


The Classic Heart Shaped Box:

Red Velvet Box by: Mama Ganache

$45 for 24 pcs.

Mama Ganache






Red Velvet Box Chocolates contain a mix of delicious little dark, white, and milk chocolate hearts with melt in your mouth creme or caramel centers. These chocolates are available in a special vegan assortment as well.

*Vegan option and all are soy lecithin free.

~Mama Ganache is a supporter of Project Hope, a charitable organization that is focusing their efforts in Ivory Coast, the source of 75% of America’s chocolate.


Organic Chocolate Valentine Truffles by: Lake Camplain Chocolates

$17.00 for 6pc

organic-valentine-truffles-Lake Champlain









The New York Times reveres this Belgian chocolate as some of the best chocolate in the
country! Filled with six mouthwatering flavors your loved one will adore, this assortment includes a decadent 70% dark chocolate truffle, as well as inspired creations like tropical mango, wild honey and figs, and spicy dark chocolate with lime.

*Certified Kosher, Preservative/Additive Free. Supportive of local ingredients.


For Him:

Single Malt Scotch by Theo

$11 for 4pcs

Theo Single Malt Scotch










We carefully selected four exceptional Single Malt Scotches that pair perfectly with our handmade chocolate. With unique flavor notes ranging from sweet to nutty to creamy to smoky—each whiskey comes together deliciously with our luscious chocolate ganache. Includes one of each of: Oban, Cragganmore, Lagavulin, Talisker

*Gluten ,soy, GMO, and preservative free


Mash Bill Truffle Collection by : Vosges Haut-Chocolat

9 pcs for $26

Bill Mash












The Mash Bill Truffle Collection parfums includes beautifully crafted chocolates with delicious flavors for a refined palate:

Scotch: Coconut & cocoa nib caramel + Bruichladdich Port Charlotte scotch + 45% deep milk
Whiskey: Templeton rye whiskey + tart cherry + tobacco + 62% cacao dark chocolate
Bourbon: Toasted pecans + Four Rose’s single barrel bourbon + 45% deep milk chocolate
Stout: Rogue’s chocolate stout + 62% cacao dark chocolate

*Haut Chocolat’s facility is powered by 100% renewable energy and that has been approved as an organic manufacturing facility. They partner with a Chicago based non-profit which coordinates the donations of materials (which would go to a landfill otherwise) to be salvaged for art projects for extremely underfunded art programs. Vosges donates old packaging to Creative Pitch.


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15 Minute Fresh-Face Makeup Tutorial

Hi gorgeous ladies!

If you missed last week’s post where I introduced you to the two fabulous females from Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Bridal Studio please meet them here! I have been working with them for a few weeks on producing some pretty incredible hair and makeup tutorials and I’m delighted to share yet another one with you!

This tutorial is all about getting that everyday glow that we all dream of. Fresh, clean skin, natural looking makeup and the confidence to get out there and make your dreams a reality! Alexis takes you through her 15 minute fresh-face makeup routine and gives you all the tips, techniques and products that she uses on a daily basis.

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Fab Female Alert! Salon Style Blowdry Tutorial from Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Bridal Studio

What do you get when you add two smokin’ hot, talented women, one fabulous shabby-chic salon and an inspiring passion for love and life?

Alexis VonBergen & Chelsea Rene with

Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Bridal Studio

Alexis and Chelsea Three Ways Beautiful

I love seeing women take hold of their dreams and sprint, and that’s just what these two have done! The combination of a full-service Salon and Bridal Studio is genius~they are your one-stop-shop for everything from hair-cuts and highlights to coordinating the beauty aspects of your entire wedding or special event. These girls even travel— Aruba and Tulum, Mexico are just a couple of the many places they are happy to trek to, just to make sure your event is perfect! And how cute is their salon??? I mean really…

Three Ways Beautiful Salon

With over 9 years of experience and a mile-high 5 Star list of Yelp Reviews, these girls have hit the jackpot. But wait! The best part is that not only are they successful, they are two of the most genuine, professional and simply hilarious girls you will ever meet! Here are a few shots from their amazing portfolio~

Portfolio 1

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